Lincoln-Way 210 Transportation

Lincoln-Way 210 Transportation will begin transporting Manhattan School District 114 students beginning in August 2014. Manhattan 114 students will now be transported on a much newer and more up-to-date fleet, complete with the latest safety features and video surveillance equipment. Almost every one of the current drivers will remain on the very same route as last year. We are excited to be able to continue providing our families with the same quality, safe, and reliable transportation as before. Our goal is to control significantly rising costs in transportation by partnering with Lincoln-Way 210 and the other Lincoln-Way feeder schools to lessen the impact of the continued increasing costs associated with transportation, while providing safe and reliable transportation.

The Lincoln-Way Transportation Center is located at 1343 S. Schoolhouse Road in New Lenox, IL. This location has been the home of the Transportation Center since 1995.

Lincoln-Way takes pride in providing efficient and timely transportation services to the Lincoln-Way School District 210 students, and the students of New Lenox School District 122, Summit Hill District 161, Frankfort District 157C, Union District 81, and in 2014-15, Manhattan School District 114.

Bus Routes
Actual Bus routes are not available online. If you have particular questions with regards to your child’s transportation needs please contact the transportation office 815-717-3100.
Manhattan School District 114 student route information will be available in HomeLogic.

Parents who have questions regarding busing should contact the following:
Cheryl Swallow, Transportation Assistant, Manhattan 114
815-717-3107, ext. 5102
Mike Leone, Director of Transportation
Wilson Creek, Mrs. DeBoer, School Secretary        815-478-4527
Anna McDonald, Mrs. Jones, School Secretary      815-478-3310
Manhattan JH, Mrs. Johnston, School Secretary    815-478-6090


  • Bus information
  • Request for review of transportation assignment. Use this form (28KB Word document) to request a change in a student’s current transportation schedule. Use, if the request is from the same location, to or from school, five days per week.
Bus drivers Bus Number
Mrs. Allen 827
Mrs. Christopher 824
Mrs. Massoth 818
Mrs. Ortega 812
Mr. Cashman 527
Mrs. Chellios 805
Mrs. Cogswell 821
Mr. Cogswell 848
Mrs. Lazarski 507
Mr Jenkins 420
Mrs. Landaverda 819
Mr. Grunauer 427
Mrs. Brumby 540
Mrs. Erxleben 428