Anna McDonald Library

Welcome to the Anna McDonald Library where the goal is to extend the lessons taught in the classrooms through “library lessons”, materials, and resources, and to promote the love of reading


Michele Hallihan, District Librarian

Samantha Ramsey, Media/Tech Integration Teacher

Kristy Byers, Library Assistant


  • The library is open every day from 8:45 to 3:15.

  • Students may check out one book per visit. They may renew their books until they have finished reading it.

  • Students are not charged fines for overdue books, but will be given verbal reminders and then overdue notices, when necessary. 

  • If a student loses or damages a book, he/she will be charged for the replacement cost of the book, as well as a $2.00 processing fee.


All activities/classes provided in the library are designed to promote information literacy. According to the American Library Association, being information literate is “knowing when information is needed and having the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information.”

Websites that may be used to promote information literacy are:

Book Adventure
Refer to this Book Finder to help your child find an age level book he or she might like to read.

books reading club 
A club where kids can talk about books they like to read.

This is the Internet Public Library, a public library for the world wide web. Students from a consortium of colleges and universities with programs in information science develop and maintain the IPL.

Library of Congress 
This is the Library of Congress website.

Manhattan Public Library
Manhattan Public Library: Check to see what books are available, and with your card, you may place books on hold, and access many databases for research.

Favorite Authors' Websites

Illinois Award Books

Monarch Award

The Monarch Award books are recommended for students in Kindergarten – 3rd grade. Students vote for their favorites in February. Mrs. Milosevich is honored to serve on the readers' selection committee for the next three years.


The Bluestem Award is designed for students in grades 3-5. The students read at least 4 of the 20 books and vote for their favorite in March. The winning book will be given the Bluestem Award.

Rebecca Caudill Award

The Rebecca Caudill Award books are recommended for students in 4th – 8th grades. Students vote for their favorite in February.