Dear Manhattan 114 Families,

I hope all of you are continuing to stay healthy and safe during this time. As I have stated

several times, if there is anything we can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask. If we are
unable to assist, we will work to find someone who can help. During this pandemic, we must all
continue to work together to help each other. I am amazed and so proud of how our community
has responded.
During the next couple of weeks our teachers will be gathering any remaining student items in
their classrooms, desks, and lockers, and placing them into labeled bags with the student and
grade/class on the bag. Beginning the week of May 20th, each school will facilitate a drive-thru
pick-up for the retrieval of student belongings. The schedule will be staggered by alphabetical
order, homerooms, or grade levels (each school may vary) and different days and times. Please
review the schedule on the second page of this message for the day and time for your
child(ren). Should you need to collect items earlier, please contact your building principal.
To assist with this process, we ask that families:
1. Create a small sign or sheet of paper that displays your child’s first/last name and grade
level/locker number. If you have multiple children in the building, post all names and
grade levels on the sign.
2. At your assigned time, pull up in front of the school following any posted signage.
3. Do not leave your car.
4. Display the sign with your child’s first/last name and grade level/homeroom
teacher/locker number.
5. Wait as the building principal or other administrator retrieves your child’s bag of items.
6. Your child’s bag will be placed in your popped trunk or backseat.
7. There will also be a space to the return of any items that belong to the schools (library
books, classroom library books, textbooks). Please label textbooks and classroom
library books indicating the homeroom, then simply deposit the books into the
bin/cart as you exit. **Please do not return loaned district technology during this time.**
As the pick-up date draws near, you will receive additional information from your building
principal. In order to assist in our preparation, please complete this Supply Pick Up Form as
soon as possible to indicate whether you plan to retrieve your child’s belongings or have them
donated. Unless you contact your building principal and make alternate arrangements, any
supplies not picked up at the end of this pick up dates time will be considered a donation. As
promised, I will continue to keep you updated with decisions being made for other end-of-the
year items and procedures. Stay safe and healthy!

Mr. Rusty Ragon,

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