MJHS Rendering

Those who have been following district information or board meetings closely may be aware that the district has been preparing for the possibility of a referendum in response to the increase in programs and enrollment we’ve experienced over time. On Tuesday, April 19th, the Governor signed legislation that would allow the voters of Manhattan School District 114 to vote on a referendum, permitting the school district to issue bonds for the construction of a new school. Should the referendum be approved, our Board of education will issue up to $85,000,000 in bonds for the construction of the new school while maintaining their commitment to the current tax rate of $4.25. The district could issue fewer bonds than the $85,000,000 if they are not needed but cannot exceed the statutory limit. 

It is our intention to share a great deal of information in the next several weeks prior to the June 28th election. In addition to opportunities for community members to gather information and understand both the current state of the district and any proposed plans for restructuring the use of facilities, opportunities for asking questions and providing feedback will also be presented to the community.  Please look for information and dates for upcoming open forums, webinars, and various presentations to promote informed decision-making.  

In order to begin providing information and developing plans that reflect the questions and interests of the community, we are conducting an initial community survey this week.  It is my hope that you will take a few minutes to complete our MSD114 Community Survey to provide us with your understanding of the current conditions in Manhattan School District 114 as well as your questions or comments that will be used to develop information to share and opportunities for supporting the informed decision-making of our community. The survey will be available until 12:00 PM on Wednesday, April 27th. Following the survey, open forum dates and an FAQ will be shared on Friday, April 29th.

Your help and your partnership in keeping Manhattan School District 114 as one of the very best is truly appreciated.